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scrunching things up a bit.


Working on some 3D scans and new simulations for the performance of a new piece later this year – sneak peak…


… but not before I procrastinate with another silly animation.


an article is on its way – ideas are extruding…

FOLD – 2

I made some more clay sculptures – check out more photos HERE

Falling to remember

Working on something new to cure my Autumn, hibernation blues – WIP “Falling to remember”


poor trait

a silly thing I made with photosounder.


And here is a strange video to accompany the new music:


I made a new tune (and artwork) – just for fun to test out some ideas. Check it out:



video coming soon… rendering>>>



made a thing… that could go in a place… and do some stuff… feeling cryptic.



My latest piece “Pulse-Crack” is now available to order as a scarf (and other clothing items) check out the SHOP right HERE



Hey’all – my latest piece: “DORSAL FALLS – A SKETCH FOR A SPATIALISED SCORE” will be exhibited at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London from 13th June – 21st August. Go, check it out. Tickets HERE.

(+more new stuff on the way, shortly… stay tuned)

process progress

process progress process progress process progress process progress; giddy.

shape to fabrication

20160325_shape-to-fabrication-EKM_002 7

I will be delivering a short talk at the Shape to Fabrication conference this year. Do come along! 19th – 20th April – Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford, London, E15 1BX

Dorsal Falls


Something is coming together… Or rather – breaking apart. Stay tuned…


I just got back from a field trip to Madrid with my 1st year Architecture students. I was lucky enough to visit the Cathedral of Don Justo!! A truly incredible building, built entirely by a former trappist who has no structural or architectural training. He started the building in 1961 and is still building it today (he is now 81 years old, pictured in the second image, to the right of the concrete mixer) – His English was about as broken as my Spanish – but I think he was saying that he has been building without drawings & his only reference is a painting of St Peters Basilica (and his memory). He apparently uses donated materials to build & has never used a crane (though I don’t know how he managed to build the domes, they are quite tall)… The entire cathedral has been built without any planning permissions, or advice from architects and engineers – as a result, the place is a bit of a death trap (floors which look like solid concrete are actually quite bouncy…). The place is jam-packed with quirky and unusual details: For instance, the concrete columns have been cast using petrol drums as a formwork (you can see the seams in the photos) – they are quite wobbly and I don’t think they have any sort of reinforcement. I also learned that he lives in the cathedral, exists on bread and honey and works from 6 until 6 every day.y photos don’t even come close to capturing the atmosphere of the place. It’s truly amazing & definitely worth a visit (… And the risks that come with walking around a VERY unstable, large, unfinished building).



My new album “6:2” is now available on iTunes AND Spotify! WOO! LISTEN

6:2 dress


The 6:2 dress is now available! Designed & produced by me to accompany the release of my SECOND ALBUM this year 6:2 – These beauties are made to order, so please EMAIL me at to get yours! (other artworks available by request – check them out HERE)

6:2 – new album

The new album is now available on Bandcamp, featuring the final track of the year “BIT REACH” – enjoy :)


You can now WEAR my album too!! Go HERE to buy one of these lovely scarves. And don’t forget to listen to it to – HERE


My new track for November, featuring vocals, drums, percussion and bath-guitar all by me:


I fixed some LEDs to the ends of my drum sticks – initially to capture my technique, consistency and accuracy – but the results are just too wonderful to not share. Much nicer than the previous, daytime shots. I couldn’t decide which ones were nicer, so I just uploaded them all… Needless to day – I still have lots of practice to do.


I’m refurbishing my flat. This week, the walls disappeared.


Here it is! New track! Listen:


… is coming on the 1st October. But here is a teaser for keen ears.

PLAY: OVERLAY – plan view

Comp 3_00000-upload

managed to get an overhead shot of me playing the same exercise as previous post (sectional view) (and before I was told to stop playing… Grr) – to see if I at least make a straight hit each time (almost)… I’ll try to get a better set of ‘drum drawings’ when the space becomes ‘available’ later this week… Would be good to calibrate the frame-rates too – to test my time keeping.




I made a time-lapse overlay of me playing a repetitive stick-technique exercise, to see if I’m getting my rebound stroke right… Turns out I’m not (look at the fan of movement at the top, where I lift the stick) – STILL not managing to lift the stick to the same place each time & achieve one movement… Back to the shed I go.



RIFT TILTER” has joined the 2015 family album. Expect erratic percussion and unstable harmonies. ENJOY.


teaser animation! Not long ’til you can hear the WHOLE THING – go HERE on the 1st



my new track for September is due for release next Tuesday. Rattle!




It’s on its way… Pinwheel.


My new track for August 2015 is HERE –  featuring live & looped guitar, vocals and “accidental” drums, all by me. You can get some fancy artwork for it too, just go HERE – also by me…

.. And, if you fancy giving your eyes and ears a REAL treat, you can find the rest of my music HERE.


My new track for July is HERE! Featuring me on live/projected piano and drums.
This is the start of Part 2 of my album. Part 1 is available HERE, HERE and HERE if you missed it! I also keep uploading my artwork HERE. There you go!



… until I release my new track for July! The first one on part 2 of 2015. But if you can’t wait a week, why not follow me on SPOTIFY & listen to part 1 :)

(that image is the new artwork btw… Fresh. Check out my other artworks HERE)

BOREDOMS (and me) at the Barbican


This Saturday night, I’m playing at the Barbican with experimental Japanese band: BOREDOMS!! Exciting! And there are still tickets left!! See if this description from the Barbican website can tempt you to come along:

“Leading this ‘happening’ by his band, Boredoms, EYƎ is surrounded by waves of percussion.
The experimental Japanese group direct one of the largest groups they’ve worked with yet in a sound-experience mixing the acoustic with the electronic.
In a development of the Boardrum pieces, a guest ensemble of 88 cymbals create swirling, crashing music with synthesisers and EYƎ’s trademark unconventional vocals.
This ticketed event is part Doug Aitken’s project Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening which takes over the Barbican from Saturday 27 June”

(image, courtesy of Boredoms / Barbican)