… until I release my new track for July! The first one on part 2 of 2015. But if you can’t wait a week, why not follow me on SPOTIFY & listen to part 1 :)

(that image is the new artwork btw… Fresh. Check out my other artworks HERE)



This Saturday night, I’m playing at the Barbican with experimental Japanese band: BOREDOMS!! Exciting! And there are still tickets left!! See if this description from the Barbican website can tempt you to come along:

“Leading this ‘happening’ by his band, Boredoms, EYƎ is surrounded by waves of percussion.
The experimental Japanese group direct one of the largest groups they’ve worked with yet in a sound-experience mixing the acoustic with the electronic.
In a development of the Boardrum pieces, a guest ensemble of 88 cymbals create swirling, crashing music with synthesisers and EYƎ’s trademark unconventional vocals.
This ticketed event is part Doug Aitken’s project Station to Station: A 30 Day Happening which takes over the Barbican from Saturday 27 June”

(image, courtesy of Boredoms / Barbican)


here, in its entirety for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!


… is my new track for June & here’s a teaser video. Check back on my BANDCAMP page on Monday to hear the whole thing aaaand some very special pieces of artwork will be available on REDBUBBLE too!




just recorded the drum parts for my next new track – to be released 01.06.2015 – aww yiss. (image above is a teaser for accompanying artwork this month ~wobble ~wip)


… I’ve finished building my new website!!! Finally! Lots of never-seen-before, NEW work & lots of added functionality. Portfolio and Blog are now in one place & the layouts should be nice and responsive for all browser sizes *& mobile devices. ENJOY – go to either www.ekmworks.com OR www.ekm.works – enjoy! Coments / criticisms / suggestions are very welcome :)


My new track for May. Enjoy! Dusk Syrup by EKM


Plugin for Grasshopper works a treat! Hur hur hur,.. Well that’s saved me about 3 hours of noding.

Edit: I might start making a series of instructional, parametric software videos with (quiet) jazz fusion soundtracks. Would anyone make use of / enjoy these?


… happened when I was trying to define a perforation pattern algorithm. Not quite what I wanted, but cool enough to capture.

(background jazz is genuinely incidental)

Edit: It’s the second track from Mwandishi – It gets REALLY great about 53 seconds in…


You can now track the monthly-release of my album 2015 on my WEBSITE!!! It has a dedicated page & everything.

Check back on Wednesday to see April’s NEW release.

P.s. new website coming soon too…


… Another new month means another new song! Here’s a little teaser for what you can expect to find on my BANDCAMP page from this Wednesday..! Exciting!

(PS. if you were at the Bartlett Plexus event, you might have heard a snippet of this new one… It made a few of you dance… A bit…)


… Wow – me and my camera REALLY couldn’t handle this lake & all those geese. Honk!


… on camera – grainy video from my Plexus set last Thursday night. New track released TOMORROW on my BANDCAMP page (all visuals and music by me).

I might release my mix of the whole set!.. Watch this space.


official flyer for the Bartlett Plexus event – at which I will be debut-ing some new musical & visual material – alongside a number of talks & performances from a line-up of total pros! Share & be there!! 26th FEB – NW1 2BX – 6:30pm


At this month’s Plexus event [PLEXUS 17 – VIBRATIONS] I’ll be grafting & splicing parts of my latest album “2015” to generate immersive fields of harmonically-rich drones; punctured by sequences of erratic, percussive collisions. All accompanied by (previously unseen) projected animations of ‘impossible simulations’

“2015” is a monthly release of original tracks, created entirely from found-sound samples of engine murmurs, hydraulic breaks and resonating vessels. Follow/listen/buy HERE

I’ll be joining the stellar lineup of:

Yuri Suzuki Owen Lloyd –  Felix Faire  Sam ConranPaul Bavister Krieder & O’Leary

The event is free & open to all

26th Feb at The Bartlett, 140 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2BX – 6:30pm onwards…




… All day working on the new track for March. Sounds a bit like this looks ^ RELEASED March 1st HERE  – Don’t miss it. It’s gonna be a good one…


… Little thing I’ve been working on. Closeups of THIS (no.44). Gust…


You can buy the artwork from HERE if you like, too! Slurp!… Aaaaaaaaand I (might have) started the track for March already!


My new track “Sidewheel flutters” is now available for listening / purchasing!! Just click HERE !!!


… for my first release Cluster Rush is now available! Head on over to the SHOP.

You can even get it printed on METAL… Imagine how awesome that would look!

2015 is all about releasing monthly tracks & corresponding artwork. In December, something VERY special is going to happen to celebrate the completion of the whole album. Get ready…»>


Got me a bandcamp for “finished” tracks only. Hear the first track HERE!

Tell everyone about ekmusics.bandcamp.com

Video coming soon… & aiming to release a new track each month (in an attempt to finish off a few of the many sketches sitting on my computer)..!


… year = NEW DOMAIN NAME! My most ‘awesomest’ friend (& talented designer) DAVID, bought me a new domain name for Christmas. What a legend! Go try it out:


Oh my! SO simple and easy to remember!

Also, check out his stuff HERE. Quick, before 2014 runs out…

P.s. Hope you all like the new year, bonus doodle above! Lots of new things coming in 2015… EXCITED!


Some of you received one of these from me recently! This animation comes from the model that I used to make it. Enjoy & Happy Holidays!


I got a bit freaky with a synth and some FX yesterday… My original ‘jam’ was about 30 mins long, but I decided that was a bit too long, so here is a snippet of the best bit… Enjoy!


First batch has been released – Have you got yours yet?


and you’ll miss it… Just testing a little something & it looked pretty, so I shared. Ho hum!


I was lucky enough to visit the bascule chambers and engine rooms at Tower Bridge yesterday & grabbed a few snaps. In the bascule chamber, we could hear all the vehicles above as HUGE sporadic BOOMs. As the vehicles go over the deck joint in the middle, the vibration resonates through the structure, bounces around inside the 5.5m void of the deck and then ends up rumbling around inside the Bascule chamber (pictured). The rumble-fest is punctuated by sharp drips from rainwater escaping through the gaps in the structure, above. Seriously atmospheric & cinematic…

The (historic) machinery was pretty huge too (see accumulator, pictured) – sadly all now lying dormant as it’s recently been replaced by smaller, more modern machines.

I asked our guide (also the bridge driver) what the channels cut in the walls of the chamber were for… He doesn’t actually know, but has a theory that, the decks of the bridge were constructed in their open position (to keep the navigation channel of the river clear during construction) and when the bridge was lowered for the first time, it would have been too risky to have relied on the hydraulic system alone (as it may have contained airlocks which would cause the deck to drop, suddenly) – so the bridge may have been lowered manually (for the first time) using propping wedges which engaged somehow with the channels in the wall… But that’s just a theory, apparently no-one actually knows for sure..?


I’m taking part in STARS ON CANVAS this year:

“a bi-annual charity auction of original artworks created by well known names from the worlds of art, illustration, sport, music and popular culture [and architecture]… all proceeds to national charity, Willow”

During the next 10 days, you can bid for my piece “cascade” HERE – go on!!

All money goes to the WILLOW FOUNDATION. Go go go go go go! BID! I won’t be doing another one like this..! Have it. It’s much better than any of the pieces by Robbie, Kylie, Annie Lennox & Mo Farah etc… Just saying…

If you are silly enough to miss the bid, you can see all the pieces exhibited at the Hub on Heddon Street, London, W1B from the 20/11 until 23/11

Some press bits here and here and the official website here – did I mention, you can buy the best one if you click HERE..?



… this month, you will be able to see my latest piece (pictured above) in all it’s glory. And you could even become a proud owner if you wish! (gasp!). A very, very small piece (200mm x 200mm) for a BIG (very big) cause. Stay tuned for the full story – to be revealed on the 13th November


Just popped up to catch some air and post this… It’s mostly about the music on this one, with a little bonus video of something I’m working on, but slowed riiiiiiiii-g-h-t doooooown. See what you think – slight Autumnal vibe to this one, with some singing & bashing. Just a sketch… Toodle pip!

edit: I think I should label this with a new genre: ‘cold choral’


… Soooo, might have done a 3D laser scan of the “Grace” installation this weekend! Video animation coming soon… Watch this (de-constructed / re-constructed) space!


Those of you who guessed my LAST question correctly will know that I’ve started an evening class in Stonemasonry! Just for fun. Here are some slightly grainy photos of my (extremely slow) progress – but progress no less. Weeks 1 and  2 were all about getting a straight edge (harder than it sounds) – last night I hacked away at the lump in the middle, first with a punch, then a claw and then a sharp chisel and fancy brass headed mallet. Quite a noisy & wasteful process, most unlike anything I’ve done before, but definitely enjoyable.


I took a road-trip last weekend (with my Ricoh) & made some more moody motorway portraits. The skies were huge and the weather was weird.

(p.s. I wasn’t driving…)


… Continues. Nyurrzp znnyerp. Stop, Look, Listen & Wait…


… this morning, I started a little test (watch/listen to the video)… Burp* Let’s see where this goes next…