The Spatial Instrumentalist (MPhil/PhD – UCL)
2017 – 2024

PhD Academic Research / In Progress – The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

My research investigates spatio-temporal reciprocities between architectural space and performed music. As an architect and musician, I am interested in the simultaneous capacities of architecture to influence the composition and experience of performed music – and of performed music to influence the composition and experience of architectural space. My previous MArch project proposed a series of spaces which behave as instruments and replicate the immersive acoustic character of Venice during the Aqua Alta. My compositions appropriate spaces as musical instruments, by responding to the acoustic qualities of these spaces. When performed, my pieces exploit acoustical phenomena such as reverberance and sympathetic resonance to articulate musical motifs. For example, by using excessive reverberance to construct a harmonic sequence, or by suggesting a rhythm from an echo. When we consider performance spaces to be as acoustically active as the instruments which they contain, ideas surrounding the composition of space and music start to become more pliable. My research promotes a multidisciplinary method of practice which sits within the seams of architecture and music. The resultant work acts as an elastic mediator between the construction of spatial and sonic realms. Keep an eye out below, for updates and discoveries>>

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