Toronto, Canada


Competition entry

“I saw you toss the kites on high And blow the birds about the sky;” – The wind, by Robert Louis Stevenson

‘Gust’ is a lightweight, static, triangulated plywood canopy, depicting the moment a wind-blown cloth becomes moulded to an object (the lifeguard stand). The surface geometry was ‘thrown’ against a surface in a 3D simulation / animation & processed as a structural object using a flexible, parametric algorithm which allows aspects such as panel size, material thickness & support points to be re-configured. The resultant canopy is realised as a repetitive, component – based structure which becomes rigid as it is assembled. The triangulated canopy is designed to be CNC or laser cut from thin plywood & assembled by hand. All other components can either be cut from wood batons by hand with a mitre-saw or by a standard 3 axis CNC machine as there are no compound cuts. The canopy surface is designed to be self-supporting as the hinges are made rigid once locked into place with a tightening bolt. The gaps between the hinges allow for wind to pass through the structure, however the triangular surfaces could also be perforated to relieve wind loading, if required. Once assembled and hinges have been tightened, the canopy is lifted onto 4 spider mechanisms (made from a kit of 2D, cut component parts), connecting the canopy to the Lifeguard Station. The design of the spider mechanism is flexible, allowing for more support points where required. The canopy is modelled to”wrap” around the lifeguard station, making it easy to fix back to the structure in a range of locations.