Spatiosonic Constructs (MPhil/PhD – UCL)

Year: 2017 – present

Status: PhD Academic Research / In Progress – The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

Description:  This body of research is concerned with discovering and exploiting creative reciprocities between music as constructed sound, and architecture as constructed space. Historically, architectural space has played a highly active role in influencing the experience and composition of music. The Dutch renaissance composer Adrian Willaert is famed for having supposedly invented polychoral, antiphonal music as a response to the spatially-opposed positioning of choir lofts in St Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Conversely, architects and engineers have long acknowledged the desires of music in space. Long before Acoustics was a formally recognised discipline, Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius discusses a method for enhancing the sonic character of theatres and performance spaces by embedding “echea” or acoustic vases in the walls. Despite these examples, only a small handful of spatiosonic practitioners have managed to rigorously explore interactive parallels between musical space and physical space in their work. American composer Henry Brant produced many spatial compositions, with a view to exploring the idea that aspects of physical space (particularly distance and direction) are as compositionally active as the musical elements of tone and timbre. In contrast to the above examples, our experience of music is becoming more “virtual”, or divorced from a physical, spatial reality. Our lives are increasingly saturated with the availability of digital media and we are largely inseparable from the portable technologies which enable us to create and consume media on demand whenever, wherever. A continuing trend towards “virtual listening” results in a disconnect between the practices of designing spaces for music and composing music for live performance. This research is explored through the composition and choreography of physical, musical performances. These performances are hypothesised, constructed and examined using a range of analytical analogue and digital techniques from predictive models of acoustic simulation, to interrogating the results of the performances through the analysis of ambisonic recordings, spatio-temporal drawings and audience feedback. The performed compositions are referred to as “constructions” and each one establishes the terms by which sonic media and architectural space might influence each other. With these constructions, architecture is activated by musical desires. Simultaneously, music is composed and performed as a way of accessing and exploiting spatiosonic phenomena.

Getting it Right

I presented a new piece “Implied Rhythms” at the “Getting it Right” conference at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Check it out HERE!


See my new work exhibited at the Bartlett from this Tuesday!!

Conference & Exhibition Coming Up!

I’ll be presenting and exhibiting at the PhD conference and exhibition
“In Permanent Readiness for the Marvellous” at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. See more info and other amazing speakers by clicking HERE – Also see my research profile by clicking HERE. Exciting!

PhD Conference & Exhibition

I’m going to be presenting and exhibiting at:

“In Permanent Readiness for the Marvellous – PhD Research Projects 2019 Exhibition and Conference”

From Feb 19th 2019!! More info HERE – and my profile HERE – see you there!

Construction 003 – PERFORMED

My latest spatial composition Construction 003 was performed last Thursday by the amazing London City Orchestra. Thanks to everyone who came and please fill out the feedback form HERE if you were there and fancy letting me know what you thought! Here’s a pic from the pre-concert talk between me and conductor Pablo Urbina. PHOTOS AND SOUND TO FOLLOW…!

DMU Interfaces conference

Images from my talk / performance at interfaces DMU  – CONTACT ME if you would like a copy of my transcript. More info and a video HERE!

Research as Art (As Research)

Coming soon..! My image “Multi-Dimensional Orchestral Model” has been selected for the UCL “Research as Art / Art as Research” exhibition! Sneak preview here, but see the full thing at the South Cloisters, Wilkins Building, Gower St, UCL from Monday 23 April 2018!! (vote for me too if you like it!) LINK

SoundSpace at Max Fordham

Pedro Novo from Max Fordham engineers very kindly showed us around the SoundSpace that he has built!

Check out MF’s BLOG for more.


Ohmygod – we (Sound Making Space) have a Pecha kucha event coming up! Get tickets HERE


Ruffs – 01

Broken sketch of new composition.

Keeping Time

On Feb 15th I will be running an event at the Bartlett (22 Gordon Street) – featuring composer/conductor Kemal Yusuf and drummer Asaf Sirkis. We will be discussing space and time in the practices of Architecture, Composition, Performance and Conducting!!! Free tickets still available HERE.

Device 002 – at the Sagrada Familia!!

The second performance of Device 002 has taken place at Gaudi’s unfinished Sagrada Familia. With thanks to Mark Burry, Dr. Jane Burry, Prof. Jim Barbour, the Australian Research Council and Swinburne University and performers Audrey Wozniak and Theodore Balkwill. More information will emerge in my project page HERE in due course…

Graphic Scores Exhibition

I’ve been featured in an online exhibition about Graphic Scores – check it out on the BMC website HERE – above image taken from my score for Device 001 – written for the London Graduate Orchestra

Time Making Space at the Royal Academy of Arts

I’ll be chairing the discussion at the RA’s “Time Making Space” event – supported by the Bartlett and Sound Making space Doctoral Network. Also my new piece “Device 002 -Tracing” will be performed by violinist Audrey Wozniak and Cellist Theo Balkwill (edit: Malachi Cheverest). More info on special guests Carol Mavor, Stephen Chance and Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) HERE

Device 002 – Tracing

To have a listen to the latest piece which will be performed at the Royal Academy of Arts AND the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona – have a listen to the MIDI export above (note, this will sound VERY different when played in the actual spaces!!)

Device 001 – performed

Have a listen to the performance by the London Graduate Orchestra of my piece Device 001 – performed at Shoreditch Church as part of the Sound and Music New Voices residency.

Design Ecologies

My latest article: “The architectural instrumentalist – exploring spatio-temporal interdependence in the composition of performed music and architectural space” has been published in the Design Ecologies peer-reviewed Journal – read it HERE

New music 

Been busy this weekend, recording a new EP (DAIS) and preparing for the next LGO workshop!!

PhD step 01…

Build a desk…

Sound Mirrors

Saw these beasts today:

Built around 1930 as part of an experiment to develop acoustic defenses in the UK, but sadly superseded by radar shortly before the 2nd world war. The sound mirrors made it possible to hear enemy aircraft and pinpoint not only their direction of travel, but also the makes and models of the aircraft. Now they just sit as eerie monuments to an obsolete technology… (Hidden behind a caravan park and thousands of blackberry brambles).

Minuet Dances

For future reference…

Tonal Organisation

Testing the tonal limits of all sections of the orchestra:

Dorsal Falls – recorded

Listen to part of the performance with “exploded” ensemble at Shoreditch Church – performed 24th June 2017


Edge to Edge was a success! Thanks everyone who helped, performed, listened and watched! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for videos and audio recordings soon..!

BMC interview – May 2017


“I’m very interested in the material and acoustic properties of both architectural spaces and musical instruments, and I’m specifically excited by the idea that architectural space can be appropriated to behave as an extension of sound-producing instruments.”

I was recently interviewed by the British Music Collection – see the following link for full article! READ HERE



Hey’all – my latest piece: “DORSAL FALLS – A SKETCH FOR A SPATIALISED SCORE” will be exhibited at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London from 13th June – 21st August. Go, check it out. Tickets HERE.

(+more new stuff on the way, shortly… stay tuned)